sitting area Rehabilitation Specialists, Inc. (RSI) is a comprehensive physical therapy center that provides specialized treatment for orthopedic dysfunctions, sports injuries, TMD (temporomanibular disorder), and other musculoskeletal issues that impair function and quality of life.
Our plan of care is based on a thorough physical therapy evaluation and includes three main components:
Patient Education and Retraining
Our goal is to give the patient an understanding of their injury or dysfunction. We teach them strategies to independently treat and manage their problem to achieve maximum recovery and prevent long-term problems.
Therapeutic Exercise
We incorporate all appropriate forms of exercise and functional training to restore the optimal level of fitness and independence. Training includes cardiovascular exercise, strengthening, balance, coordination and proprioceptive training, spinal stabilization, postural retraining, and work simulation and conditioning.
Physical Interventions
We treat both the symptoms and the cause of the current problems utilizing a wide variety of manual techniques and adjunctive modalities as needed.
This hands-on approach sets us apart from the rest!


The Willard Building, 1266 Furnace Brook Parkway, Suite 103, Quincy, MA 02169
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